What is PVD Chrome Coating?

PVD Coating refers to a thin film coating technique where a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum chamber and then deposited onto a substrate (wheel).

The PVD process we use for wheels is also called sputtering. PVD coatings have an extreme surface hardness, low coefficient of friction, anti-corrosion, and extreme wear resistance.  PVD coating is used in many industries like plumbing fixtures, Jewelry, orthopedics, surgical instruments, golf clubs, firearms, and most important; wheels.

The PVD coating process we use on our wheels (DuraChromeTM) is a chrome and  metal coating which allows us to have extreme durability and corrosion resistance.  Once our wheels come out of the PVD chamber they have a powder-coated clear coat as the final layer to ensure the most durable wheel coating available. You can use your PVD chrome coated wheels year round in any environment, even where salt is preset.

PVD is not capable of producing a "show car" quality finish.  There may be minor imperfections such as orange peel.  We do guarantee that there will be no imperfection that can be seen from 2 ft (24") away with the wheel "in car" position.