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DuraChromeTM vs. Chrome Plating

  • DuraChromeTM PVD Coated wheels are about 2-3 lbs lighter than chrome plated wheels
  • DuraChromeTM PVD Coated wheels are not effected by magnesium chloride and salt which is commonly used on roads during snowy and icy months.  Cold weather elements can eat away at plated chrome causing it to crack, peel and pit.
  • Chrome plated wheels should be removed in the Winter (due to the aforementioned) and can require maintenance during the Summer.  DuraChromeTM PVD is very low maintenance.
  • Chrome is difficult and expensive to re-plate.  DuraChromeTM PVD coated wheels can easily be repaired and re-coated.
  • Chrome wheels typically come with a 1-2 year warranty.  DuraChromeTM PVD comes with our exclusive 5-year warranty 
  • Chrome plating uses toxic chemicals whereas DuraChromeTM PVD is an eco-friendly technology.