The Wheel Exchange Surface Finish Warranty

Our warranty terms by product type are as follows and are effective from the date of purchase:

  • Bright DuraChrome™ 3-year warranty
  • Black DuraChrome™ 1-year warranty
  • Powder Coatings (Gloss Black / Satin) 3-year warranty
  • Non-Standard Coatings / Factory Finish 90-day warranty  

This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  

"Surface Finish" is defined as any area that is visible when the wheel is mounted on the vehicle. 

What is Covered under our Surface Finish Warranty?

  1. Any type of pitting or peeling on the wheel surface within the warranty period calculated from the original invoice date.
  2. Any form of de-lamination of the coating and/or clear coating.
  3. Any form of discoloration caused by UV rays or chemicals.
  4. If you have a warranty claim, we will pay shipping costs for sending the replacement wheel(s) to you. 

What is NOT covered under our Surface Finish Warranty?

  1. Any unseen areas of the wheel such as the inside of the barrel, back-side of the spokes, or inside the lip of the wheel.
  2. Any type of “impact” or other damage to the wheel that damages our coating. This would include curb rash, cracks, gouges, collision, etc.
  3. Any damage associated with improper care. Example: wheel cleaner that is not “Clear-Coat Safe”, the use of acid-based cleaners, etc.
  4. Any type of damage or scratches caused by improper wheel mounting and/or tire installation.
  5. Any type aggressive abrasion or buffing which burns through the clear coat and chrome coating.
  6. Any removal or installation costs required to remove / install the wheel and tire from your vehicle.


  1. If you would like the warranty process to work the quickest, we will require a core deposit.  We will ship the replacement wheel(s) first.  When you have had them installed, use the packaging to return your damaged wheel(s).
  2. If you would prefer not to pay a core deposit, you will ship the damaged wheel(s) to us first, we will then ship out the replacement when your wheel(s) has arrived.
  3. YOU are responsible for the cost of shipping the wheel to us.  We will pay return shipping to you. We would be happy to send shipping labels at our published shipping price so you can take advantage of our discounted shipping rates.  YOU will still be billed for this cost.

Warranty for Tires

All tires sold by The Wheel Exchange have a manufacturers' limited warranty extended to the original purchaser to cover conditions that are reasonably considered to have been within the tire manufacturers' control, such as the quality of materials and/or workmanship.  Once received, any issues with tires must be addressed via the Warranty Process outlined on the respective manufacturer's website.