EXCHANGE 20" Ford F250 F350 SRW PVD Chrome wheels rims Factory OEM set 10103

EXCHANGE 20" Ford F250 F350 SRW PVD Chrome wheels rims Factory OEM set 10103

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This is an EXCHANGE sale

1. You must have the exact same (size, style, spoke pattern) (OEM) wheels to send us back in the original stock finish. We cannot accept chrome plated or chrome clad wheels on exchange.

2. Your wheels must be straight and true, if your wheels have any type of flaws or damage let us know in advance. Depending on what type of work will need to be done to your wheels we charge between $50-$75 per each wheel.

-If your wheels have minor curb rash that is not too deep we will not charge you for the repair, must send pics in advance 

3. Once you make the purchase we will send you an invoice via our web-site for the refundable core deposit cost, this must be paid before we will ship these wheels. Once your wheels/cores come back we will issue the credit within 2-3 business days

4. The shipping charge covers the shipping cost "BOTH" ways, the return shipping labels will be inside the boxes with the wheels


Set of (4) 20x8" Ford F-250, F350 PVD Chrome wheels

Original (OEM) wheels that we strip and coat in our PVD Chrome finish
*Our coating comes with a 3 year warranty 

Came on:
2017-2022 F-250
2017-2022 F-350 SRW

This set does not come with center caps - use your existing caps in these wheels

*shipping is set to 15 business days, in some cases we will ship these sooner 
*feel free to message us for an estimated ETA on how soon we can ship this set

Thank You